Dependency-Track logov4.3

Organizations can create policies and measure policy violations across the portfolio, and against individual projects and components. Policies are configurable and can be enforced for the portfolio, or can be limited to specific projects.

There are three types of policy violations:

License Violation

Policy conditions can specify zero or more SPDX license IDs as well as license groups. Dependency-Track comes with pre-configured groups of related licenses (e.g. Copyleft) that provide a starting point for organizations to create custom license policies.

Security Violation

Policy conditions can specify the severity of vulnerabilities. A vulnerability affecting a component can result in a policy violation if the policy condition matches the severity of the vulnerability. Vulnerabilities that are suppressed will not result in a policy violation.

Operational Violation

Policy conditions can specify zero or more:

This allows organizations to create lists of allowable and/or prohibited components. Future versions of Dependency-Track will incorporate additional operational parameters into the policy framework.