Dependency-Track logov4.3

Much of the focus of Dependency-Track centers around the consumption and analysis of SBOMs. However, Dependency-Track is also capable of generating SBOMs from any project in the portfolio. Organizations are able to create SBOMs when requested by customers, partners, or other stakeholders for any project in the portfolio.

Organizations that require greater levels of transparency may optionally use Dependency-Tracks notification feature which is capable of publishing SBOMs via webhooks whenever an SBOM is consumed or processed by the system. When used in a continuous integration or delivery environment, SBOMs can optionally be published to one or more endpoints thus achieving continuous transparency with pre-determined parties.

Although continuous transparency is possible, the radius of transparency should be carefully considered. Organizations are encouraged to start with sharing SBOM data with other departments or business units within the same organization prior to sharing data with external parties.

Refer to Notifications for information on sharing SBOM data via webhooks on BOM_CONSUMED and BOM_PROCESSED events.