Dependency-Track logov4.3

Dependency-Track can automatically publish results to the Kenna Security platform providing a consolidated view of every vulnerability across an organization including vulnerable components.

Dependency-Track accomplishes this in the following ways:


Kenna Security Configuration

Step 1: Navigate to connectors

Navigate to connectors

Step 2: Add a KDI connector

Add KDI connector

Each connector has a unique ID. The ID is typically available in the URL as well as accessible via the Kenna API. The connector ID will be used when configuring integration with Dependency-Track.

Dependency-Track Configuration

Global configuration

Configure Kenna Integration

Per-project configuration

Dependency-Track includes the ability to specify configuration properties on a per-project basis. This feature is used to map projects in Dependency-Track to applications/assets in Kenna.

Configure Project Properties

Attribute Value
Group Name integrations
Property Name kenna.asset.external_id
Property Value The assets external_id
Property Type STRING

The external_id may be anything as long as it uniquely identifies the application in Kenna. Shown in the example is the UUID of the Dependency-Track project. However, the external_id may be an organizations internal identifier for the application.

Kenna Findings