Dependency-Track logov4.10


For a complete list of changes, refer to the respective GitHub milestone:

We thank all organizations and individuals who contributed to this release, from logging issues to taking part in discussions on GitHub & Slack to testing of fixes.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed code to implement enhancements and fix defects:

dependency-track-apiserver.jar #
Algorithm Checksum
SHA-1 99da5f705c3b0048ecf621e8c738a87147c693d9
SHA-256 5d925f08f85fe7f39231357c4a4c8057fd354e048b7c9407efb20af78033ecec
dependency-track-bundled.jar #
Algorithm Checksum
SHA-1 487801d69bffb2e8def5aad9aa55c34be8cddcb2
SHA-256 19ac4ede2932ff54c42e0466cdf7d5b410f7a44784562f237fc5b4b8891a8dc8 #
Algorithm Checksum
SHA-1 d45d09a8ffb4c36f2fac78149d5f7cefe31a280b
SHA-256 6bc0bf9ecb8e7dc26eb3bfe9beecc41c5d11e5ccb902f19f0445aaa5860a1980
Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) #