Dependency-Track logov4.11


For a complete list of changes, refer to the respective GitHub milestones:

We thank all organizations and individuals who contributed to this release, from logging issues to taking part in discussions on GitHub & Slack to testing of fixes.
Special thanks to everyone who contributed code to fix defects:

@JoergBruenner, @mehab, @rbt-mm, @sergioasantiago, @syalioune

dependency-track-apiserver.jar #
Algorithm Checksum
SHA-1 ef119b6f5fb422687e5152528bdb3e40e89c8733
SHA-256 7fbccad45c730226ab9df1ff51aaa2dba90b93cf22547bbe395d3f3b849c8371
dependency-track-bundled.jar #
Algorithm Checksum
SHA-1 94ca9179dad020c45adfdf0152b3f20081f7cf8b
SHA-256 fe3fad9d43235df30880e547f838f65fe6365919dbc19107e4da349a5dce104f #
Algorithm Checksum
SHA-1 1c1412a09a64d08ae44cb3c9c980bfbb2786ff53
SHA-256 95aed5a69c6e1db5ab05eaa57f511d5e16f92bafd67839be63f136ea78e11252
Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) #