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Dependency-Track integrates the same mechanisms as Dependency-Check in identifying vulnerabilities and suppressing them.

Dependency-Track checks for the existence of a global suppression file.


If this file exists, it will be used during global analysis. Note: this is a global suppression file. All components defined in the system, regardless of what projects they are a dependency of, will be affected by global suppression. In cases where there are clear false positives, global suppression will result in the vulnerability being suppressed across all projects. In cases where components are identified correctly (true positive) but the vulnerability may not affect a specific project due to the way it’s used, use of global suppressions are not recommended.

Refer to the Dependency-Check suppression documentation for further details.

Unsupported Scanners

Global suppression only affects vulnerabilities that are identified by Dependency-Check, which is not the exclusive means of vulnerability detection in Dependency-Track. Dependency-Track includes internal scanners in addition to supporting Dependency-Check. Vulnerabilities that are not identified by Dependency-Check do not utilize the global suppression file.

This feature may be removed in a future release.